Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Scotland's Best Coffee Stops

I spend a reasonable amount of time in my job, driving around Scotland to meetings.  I go to Aberdeen quite a lot, but also Inverness, Glasgow and the west coast.  As a result, I and my colleagues have a list of the best coffee stop-off points on some of the more frequented routes.  Top of the list is Peggy Scott's!  Half way to Aberdeen at Finavon on the A90, Peggy's (as we call it) might look like a trucker's cafe, but is actually a really nice tearoom that does homebaking and huge fry-ups (not that I have tried those).  Top of our list is their custard cream.  Also worth trying is the carrot cake and the paradise slice.  And our top tip is make sure you ask for a type of coffee (eg Americano) rather than just coffee - or they give you the filter stuff.  The black Americano + a custard cream is the perfect early morning pick-me-up.  I took a group of girl cricketers there in June and they devoured the lot and gave the place a massive thumbs up, particularly because of the sofas in the corner - very popular early on a Sunday morning!  Here is a picture, which does not do it justice. One day I shall post a picture of an actual custard cream.  And keep an eye out - I shall post on other top coffee stop-offs.

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