Monday, 2 July 2012

Canada Day

We are in Vancouver.  In a few days we are going to the west coast of Vancouver Island for a beach holiday, but for now we are enjoying the city.  And our timing is superb - yesterday we were in the city centre on Canada Day.  I can only compare the mass celebrations with something like the Queen's Jubilee.  Everyone was wearing red and white and flags, badges and tattoos were being handed out everywhere.  There was a huge concert, a full day of stalls, parties, celebrations, a parade and then a big firework display at the end.  It was a wonderful day to be in the city and to witness the patriotism.  It started rainy in the morning and then the sun shone, so it was a great day for everyone.  When we got back to our holiday apartment the owners were having a celebratory barbeque and had flags hung out on their house.  Good fun to witness it all.  Some of us have already cycled round Stanley Park, we have been to a city beach, eaten some gorgeous sushi, had some awesome cheescake at Tree Organics, but tonight (this is totally bizarre!) we are going to the cinema to watch 'Brave' - a film about Scotland .  That bit is not exactly a good example of immersing ourselves in the local culture....!!