Friday, 13 January 2012

Poetry Time

As well as coffee shops, I really enjoy poetry.  I confess that it is my choice of "loo literature" and although totally unfashionable, I just love reading it.  I know very few other people who are up for a chat about it, but read and love it nonetheless.  I also love Scotland's islands - their character, remoteness and just their gorgeousness.  An old friend, therefore, gave me the most perfect present recently - A copy of a poetry anthology called These Islands we Sing.  These are poems about the islands.  Some are better than others, it must be said!  But they all bring out the character of the remoteness and individuality.

Rather than a picture, today I am sharing a poem with you.  I particularly like this one, written by a poet and fiction/non fiction author - Andrew Greig.   He is a great writer.  Some of his novels are really worth reading (In Another Light / The Return of John McNab) and his poetry is wonderful.  Here is the one about Orkney (not sure about copyright on doing this, but I feel sure, having heard him at the Book Festival, that he would like the appreciation!):

Orkney / This Life
For Catherine and Jamie

It is big sky and its changes,
the sea all round and the waters within.
It is the way sea and sky
work off each other constantly,
like people meeting in Alfred Street,
each face coming away with a hint
of the other's face pressed in it.
It is the way a week-long gale
ends and folk emerge to hear
a single bird cry way high up.

It is the way you lean to me
and the way I lean to you, as if
we are each other's prevailing;
how we connect along our shores,
the way we are tidal islands
joined for hours then inaccessible,
I'll go for that, and smile when I
pick sand off myself in the shower.
The way I am an inland loch to you
when a clatter of white whoops and rises...

It is the way Scotland looks to the South,
the way we enter friends' houses
to leave what we came with, or flick
the kettle's switch and wait.
This is where I want to live,
close to where the heart gives out,
ruined, perfected, an empty arch against the sky
where birds fly through instead of prayers
while in Hoy Sound the fern's engines thrum
this life this life this life.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year - here go the resolutions!

If your New Year resolution is to lose weight and get fit, this blog (see link below) will ensure you do not include Coke or Diet Coke within it!

Here is a picture to cheer up the New Year and my rather healthy-focused posting...