Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oyster Catching

Oystercatchers are fabulous birds.  The call of the oystercatcher is one of the most evocative sounds as they scoop over a beach on the west coast of Scotland.  It is just a holiday sound maybe, so it makes me feel happy.  So my blog is about catching life's oysters and how they can make us feel.  Apologies to RSPB members - it is not about bird watching!

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  1. I spent 14 years living within hearing of that place BP like to call Grangemouth (that's not a complaint - it paid my mortgage) and it was never quiet. In the last decade I've spent most of my time on the west coast where often at night you can hear absolutely nothing except, that is, for the occasional sound of an oystercatcher peeping it's way across the sky. it's a wonderful sound.