Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Scotland's Best Coffee Stops

Black Medicine Coffee Shops in Edinburgh
Now, strictly speaking, we never drive past these shops on our way anywhere for work.  But they are so good that I would happily fabricate a reason to drive past, park and go inside.  There are three shops: Nicolson Street, Marchmont Road and a new one in Barclay Terrace, Bruntsfield.  They all have a very distinct style, with North American style wooden seats and tables, a really friendly atmosphere, great food, particularly fab coffee (well, it IS a coffee shop!) and FREE WIFI (always worth a mention - look out for a rant on this coming your way soon...).

My children particularly enjoy the smoothies and milk shakes.  There is a ridiculously evil Oreo Milk Shake, which pretty much serves as a full meal.  They serve great cakes - things like Rocky Roads, Tunnocks Teacakes and Brownies.  And, like many of the coffee shops I enjoyed when I lived in Belgium, they put a little biscuit on the side of your coffee saucer - a very nice touch.

They have a funny website at www.blackmed.co.uk and sometimes the webcam in the Nicolson Street branch is working and you can see what's going on inside.  There is an alleged link to JK Rowling, but you don't need that as an excuse to visit.

Here is a pic.  Highly recommended - make up a meeting so that you can go!