Monday, 17 October 2011

Scotland's Best Coffee Stops

This post might not be suggesting a coffee stop that is en route to a meeting, but we discovered a very nice little place yesterday that deserves a mention.  We are up in the Highlands at the moment and yesterday walked through from Tomich to Glen Moriston.  Using two cars allowed us to walk a linear route.  It started well and we walked through some gorgeous woodland and met volunteers from Trees for Life removing non-native species.  The north side of the hill was totally decimated, however, with works for the Beauly Denny power line.  Is this meant to be Scotland's natural playground?  Not when you have to walk for miles through a nasty building site - what price being a "green capital" of the world?

Anyway, at the end of the route we found ourselves at the Redburn Cafe in Glen Moriston.  A lovely friendly welcome as we went in. Nice cakes and ice creams and a really great location.  The toilets were spotless and included a range of thoughtful extras.  We were impressed.  They didn't even mind that we had left a car there for the day and they even waved goodbye as we left.  This is one coffee stop I would highly recommend.  Here's a link: