Friday, 30 December 2011

Edinburgh Hogmanay

It is almost time for the annual Hogmanay party in the centre of Edinburgh.  Months of planning go into the organisation and almost 100,000 convene in a secure area in the centre of the city for loud music.  A range of stages with different music on them and a more exclusive Concert in the Gardens, mean there is something for everyone - or that is what they say!  In my view it is a younger persons' thing.  Having worked as part of the team in the past, I can definitely tell you that at 1 am on New Year's Day I should far rather be sitting by my fire with some friends (or even in bed already?!) than standing in Princes Street Gardens in the middle of someone else's party.  Although it is a sight worth seeing. I once climbed onto the TV platform that literally sticks out into the street from the gardens, and I looked down the road at the 100,000 crowd.  It was an amazing sight and one won't forget, but I shall not go again.

As part of the Christmas team, however, we do get to do good things, like going up the Scott Monument and joining in a Santa flash mob on a weekday in the middle of Princes Street.  This is a lovely picture of the Flying Carousel, or the "Chair-o-planes" as my daughter calls it...  It was taken by a fab photographer called Tony Marsh -

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Very Special View of Edinburgh

Sometimes, in my job, I am a very lucky person.  Because we work with lots of tourism providers and major events happening in Scotland, sometimes we get to do very special things.  In January I was allowed into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to witness the signing of the deal to bring the pandas to Edinburgh, for instance.  This November, I was the media person in charge of the press photographers allowed up the Scott Monument in the dark to film Edinburgh's lights going on at Edinburgh's Christmas Light Night.  It was very dark up there and windy!  But the views are amazing and even just using my iphone, I got some lovely shots of the lights from a different perspective.

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