Thursday, 19 April 2012

A week in the Lake District

We had vowed never to return to the Lake District after counting 80 people on top of Haystacks one summer weekend, but the lure of a family get together with great walking thrown in was just too much.  We spent the week in a gorgeous house just near Shap, in spitting distance (though we didn't) of the Lakes.  For some of the party it was an introduction to hill walking - though maybe doing Striding Edge on Helvellyn in the snow was not the most sensible walk for a novice.  But they enjoyed it and we had a few days of great hills in the snow and with brilliant views in between some nice family time.
I didn't take my camera on this walk, which was a mistake.  We were up the High Street - a great ridge walk up and then superb views across the hills.  I had to take this on my iphone and really regretted not taking the camera.  It still looks fab though.

Next stop - a quick southerly Munro at the beginning of May when I will take my camera!

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